Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year!
Wait a second!  What the heck happened to 2011?  How on earth did this past year go by so fast?  I’m not sure if the world is spinning a little faster or what, but it seems to me that the older I get, the faster the clock ticks.  Well, I obviously can’t slow down time,
so I guess my only alternative is to organize my time better.

First thing I want to do this first day of 2012 is review my resolutions from 2011 and set new goals.
1st – Dance
Well… up until June I was doing pretty good at keeping up with my blog, but somewhere along the way I lost track of my blog.  I have no good excuse, so all I can do is to recommit myself this year.  My goal this year is post at least 3 times a week… but hopefully more.

2nd – Exercise
Okay, this one is also a part success, and partly failed.  The good news is that last year we did get a family pass to the YMCA, which is amazing!  They have a great kids care center for my Little Princess to play in while I’m working out in their gym, then after I’m done I pick up the kids, we all go swimming in their indoor swimming pool.  It’s a perfect way for me to be able to get some exercise, without feeling like I’m neglecting my kids. 

I didn’t however participate in the Triathlon in September that I was wanting too.  Again, the time just flew by and I missed the registration for it. 
So this year I’m also recommitting myself to consistently exercise, and participate in the triathlon in 2012
3 – Poop!
YEAH!  This resolution from last year is a complete success!  My Little Princess is officially totally and completely potty trained, and is no longer afraid to do her business on the toilet.
4th – Spirit
This goal is also a goal that I’m going to continue in 2012, and every year here after. 
My goal is to be consistent in saying my prayers personally and as a family, reading my scriptures personally and as a family, and encouraging my children to also have their own personal prayer and scripture study time.  My kids have been great examples to me by reminding me every night after I turn of their light, “Don’t forget to lock the doors, and say your prayers.”  I’m grateful for their faith.
Finally, I have a new resolution this year.
Get good grades.
Only a week ago I enrolled at Grand Canyon University so I can earn my bachelors degree through taking online courses!  I’m really excited, and a little nervous about this new venture.  It’s been 12 years sense I’ve been in school so I’m a little out of the habit, but I’m also really excited to start working toward my long put off goal.  Wish me luck!
So there you have it.  My new and renewed resolutions for 2012.
I hope you all have a fabulous New Year!