Thursday, April 14, 2011

All in the Eye of the Beholder

As I walked down the rows and rows of various pieces of art I marveled at the talent that I was viewing.  There were contemporary pieces with geometric shapes seemingly in random positions, and bright colors splattered all over the paper, but if you looked at it just right you could see the artists name depicted in through those shapes and colors.

There were hilarious characatcher’s with elongated faces and very small bodies sketched out on construction paper.

There were stunning portraits.  One was a clean sketch of a beautiful young woman with long hair cascading in front of her shoulders, and her eyes were stunning with the light sparkling in them.

There was a harder sketch of a middle aged man with his face half hidden behind his long unkempt hair and his shaggy beard.  He looked like a rocker who just got off stage after performing one of his best shows… he looked hard around the edges, but if you looked close you could see satisfaction and contentment in his eyes.

There were even some sculptures there. 

I’m sure you are wondering where “there” is.  The art show was held at the local high school.  Our school district held an art exhibit and all the schools art teachers picked out some of their favorite pieces that their children had created during the year and brought them to the high school for the show.

One of the pieces that was chosen was one of Droid’s small pottery pieces. 

It was wonderful to see the progression of art from Kindergarten all the way up to the high school level.  Droid has developed quite a talent for art, and has even photocopied and sold a few of his drawings of characters from the video game “Halo”. 
He was so impressed to see what some of the seniors in high school could do, and I told him that will be that good too if he continued to practice and learn the technique. 

It was wonderful taking my children to the art show and let them appreciate the beautiful things that people can create from their imagination. 

I love art.  Especially my children's art... It makes my heart dance.

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