Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pretty Big... No Huge, HUGE Mistake!!

As I mentioned before, I am a member of the Relief Society.  This year the relief society is focusing on the history of the program, and how we can learn and be strengthened from the early women of the Relief Society. 
In May there is going to be a big Stake (which is like a regional) Relief Society Conference in our area.  In preparation for this meeting the Stake Relief Society President called and asked if she could interview me.  She is putting together a video of women telling some stories of their experiences in the relief society, and some (like me) telling stories about early sisters in the R.S. and how they have influenced our lives today.
                In preparation for this interview I went back over Florence’s Autobiography to make sure I remembered the details right and discovered that I have make a HUGE mistake!
                The Autobiography of Florence Pearl Cross starts out telling the story of her MOTHER Louise Goldbranssen!  Louise is the one who danced her way across the plains!
                Holly Cow!  How could I have made such an error?! 
Florence did live an amazing life… I think tomorrow I’m going to have to copy more of the autobiography here so you can actually learn more about Florence, but it is LOUISE who has inspired my dance blog.  If you go back and re-read my first post you will see that it really was Louise in the story… I really don’t know how I get it mixed up in my head… I for some reason thought that Florence was the mother, and Louise the daughter… I must be getting old.  J
                I hope you can all forgive me my HUGE error… and hopefully Louise and Florence will as well. 
                I guess part of life is learning to laugh at our mistakes… even when they are really embarrassing.  I’m laughing at myself… you can too… just not too hard.

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