Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peer Pressure

So, after being locked up all winter the time has come to brush off my neglected running shoes and hit the track.  Jewel met me there and after we made sure that my Little Princess and Little Charge were secure in their strollers we left them with by the bleachers with coloring books, toy cars, snacks and great view of the track where they can watch us… and we can watch them and we took off to see how out of shape we are.

I’ll tell yeah… after the first 200 meters my ankles were hurting and I thought I was going to have to wuss out and walk a little, but Jewel was still going, so I pumped up my mp3 player to Dixie chicks “Ready To Run” and sucked it up.

After the first couple of laps my legs loosened up and my ankles stoped hurting so I decided to shoot to finish at least a mile. 

The last lap was harder.  My lungs were burning (my body doesn’t like running in cold weather, and yes, 49 degrees is still fairly cold to me) and my calves were threatening to explode… but I gritted my teeth and finished the lap. 
I love positive peer pressure.  I know that if Jewel wasn’t running by my side I wouldn’t have finished the run.  And I was relieved to hear her say the same to me. 

I’m so grateful for friends who push me to achieve my goals, like finishing a mile, and pressure me to go a step further.  Along with re-starting our workout routine we’ve made a commitment to each other to eat healthy.  My fridge is now full of fruits and veggies, and I have a menu on the front of my fridge so I don't have to think about how to throw it all together.

My goal is to run the Girls Tri Too Triathlon in September here in Akron.  I did it last year with some other friends (also a result of peer pressure) and my goal then was just to finish the race... and not be in last place.  I finished it... and I wasn't last!  This year my goal is to beat my previous time... and to learn how to swim so I don't end up doggy paddling and back stroking through the swimming leg of the race. 

If we stick with this, in a few months we should be some healthy, toned and hot momma’s!  And I know we will stick with it, because Jewel is going to be right by my side the whole time… and if she can do it… so can I.

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