Monday, May 16, 2011


Despite the throbbing headache that is threatening to blow up my brain I've decided that I can't miss another day of my blog.  I've made too many excuses and justifications lately that I'm starting to have a hard time sleeping because I feel like I'm neglecting my 4th child called "blog".

I'm not going to waste your time (or my brain) thinking up excuses... I'm going to let the past go, and do my best to post something from now on.

I really want to write about our trip to DC.  Though it was only just over a week ago, it feels like much longer due to the home renovations that we've been under going sense we've been back... but there I go slipping in an excuse...

Instead of throwing it all in one post I think I'm going to have to break it up into different sections of the trip.

On Sunday morning we visited Arlington National Cemetery. 

Seeing the rows and rows of white tombstones was very sobering. 

 While we were there we would periodically hear bells ringing, and then I found an inscription on a plaque that said, "While these bells ring safely rest, freedom lives."
While there we were also able to watch the changing of the guard in front of the the tomb of the unknown soldier.  It was very moving to see how perfectly executed the changing was, and how serious they took their duty. 

I'm so grateful for all the soldiers who are currently serving our country, and all those who came before.  Those who fought and returned, and those who gave their lives.  If it weren't for them who knows where our country would be.  I doubt I would be able to write so freely in my blog if it weren't for the freedom that they fought for.

There are so many freedoms that we take so forgranted.  I hope to never forget to be grateful for the country which I'm so blessed to live in.

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