Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fairy Princess' and the Best of Friends

The hardest part about leaving medical school was being separated from all our friends that we became so close too.  There were 4 other couples that we can easily say became an extended family to us.  We were really lucky that the Carter’s matched into residency in Columbus, only 2 hours away from us, and the Branscomb’s just moved to Detroit to finish the last 2 years of their program… which is about 3 hours from us.
So, when the Carter’s threw their little girl Grace a Fairy Princess 3rd Birthday Party we all took it as an opportunity for a 2 year reunion… and for our little girls to get together for some Princess time.

This is Carie and Janie.  I know… they are both gorgeous.  They are also amazing friends and mothers.  Seeing them again was awesome.  It was like no time had gone by.  We just talked and laughed… and laughed some more.

The Princess party was adorable!  It started with Carie reading the kids a story about a little girl who became a fairy princess for the day.  Then all the girls received their fairy wings, and magic wands, and a bag of pixy dust. 

We all headed outside and they girls “flew” around the yard spreading their pixy dust, helping the flowers grow.  Adorable!    

Then they all came inside and made some “fairy princess houses” out of cupcakes, and tons of candy toppings.
This was about the time that the sugar rush set in for my Little Princess.  J

There were so many picture perfect moments with the sunlight glowing off the winds of little angels wings, but my favorite moment wasn’t the what I saw, it was what I heard.  3 residents laughing… really hard… for the first time in 2 years I heard Doc really laughing.  I really wish that these guys could get together more often… they need each other.
The Birthday party was definitely the best I’ve ever been too.  Everything was so much fun, for the kids… and the parents.  And I have to point out that Carie made the amazing cake all by herself!

Oz’s favorite part of the party was pigging out on the “Pixy” sticks.... and getting to see Grace... Carie and I have them both betrothed... it's decided.  J 

After the party my Little Princess ran upstairs with Grace and Sophee to play dress up.  They all came downstairs and did a few little fashion shows for us, and then we heard them upstairs laughing so hard.  Carie, Janie and I snuck up, camera in hand, and peaked into see what they were up too.  We found them all laying on the bed throwing the blankets over their heads, and laughing as they kicked the blankets off them.  This went on and on for some time, and us mom’s just stood by the door laughing with them as these little girls bonded.  It’s neat to see these little girls developing friendship that will continue to grow and develop more and more, year after year as the med school gang gets together throughout the years.

When the time came it was hard to say “good-bye” and go our separate ways again.  The only thing that could have made it any better was if the Baugh’s and Davis’ could have been there with us to make it a true med school reunion.

Thank you Gracie for giving us an amazing gift for your Birthday.


  1. you made me cry!!!!! We miss you so much and your post is such a perfect description of how I feel,that I may have to add the link to mine when I finally get around to posting on my blog. The visit with my dear friends reminded me that God puts us just where we need to be, at just the moment we need to be there. I have no doubt we all found each other for a reason :) Virginia was such a special special time for us...FRIENDS FOREVER!!!!!!

  2. When Dad and I attended Doc's graduation, and then the celebration BBQ afterward, we were SO touched and impressed by the love and closeness we felt as we watched the intactions amongst all of those wonderful friends with whom you had struggled through medical school. We knew then that these would be friendships that would never be forgotten! I am SO glad you had a chance to enjoy some of their company again!