Friday, May 20, 2011

Holding onto Dandelions

It wasn't very long ago, not in my eyes at least,
you used to bring me dandelions and blow them in the breeze.

Your smile would come alive as you gave handfuls to me,
and whisper "Mom, I love you!” it was my favorite sight to see.

It’s been a while sense you’ve done that, but today you gave a surprise,
a precious yellow flower, a youthful gleam behind your eyes.

As the clock hands change positions, somehow the movement changed you too.
Now you bring me Lego creations and drawings made by you.

Someday you will be dating girls, and playing sports for fun,
Maybe you will be like me and find your feet and run.

The day will come when you will leave, your mission to discover,
And as you go I will know I’ve done my job as ‘Mother’.

Just as a dandelion peddles start out yellow firm, secure,
the time slowly changes them to white and fluffy fur.

And as the wind starts blowing, they feel the urge to go,
and explore the world around them away from the stem of home.

So you are slowly changing, and one day I'll set you free.
But for now I'm holding tightly to the dandelions you bring me.

-Rebecca Evans

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