Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Feeling Lucky?

I babysit a little boy who is only 5 days younger than my little princess.  They get along so well and minus the occasional “accidents” he is really easy to watch.  The only frustrating thing about the job is that I never really know when his Dad is going to drop him off.  Sometimes he’s here at 9:00am, sometimes not until noon, and anywhere in between.  What’s worse…? I never know in advance.  If I’m lucky I get a phone call giving me a 15 minute “heads up” that they are on their way.  Other times I hear a “Ding Dong” and know that my shift is starting.
            This makes planning errands complicated. 
            I’ve noticed that on average he arrives at my house usually around 10:30.  And so on days like today when I have many places to go, I gamble.  I drop my boys off at school at 8:45 and with Little Princess in tow I run to see how many of my errands I can accomplish before I get that 15 minute phone call… if I get one at all.  I cross my fingers for luck.

 My first stop was CVS.  Not for a prescription (this time) but to pick up some cereal and diapers that they had on sale.  I picked up a package of “Pull Ups” and 7 boxes of cereal, for $16.27, saving me $32.44! 
            Yeah for sales and coupons!   I did a little “happy Dance” in my heart, and then ran off to the post office.  Coming out of the P.O., I checked the clock:  9:40. After a short debate I decided to push my luck and drive a little farther into town to Joann’s to pick up some fusible interfacing for a Christmas dress that I’m hoping to finish before Christmas (one can dream).  After one more stop at the local grocery store and finding the time was 10:20, I figured I’d pushed my luck far enough.  I skipped my last errand to the bank, and plan to stop by the ATM on my way to taking my oldest son… we’ll call him… Droid (He’s a lot like a smart phone) to cub scouts tonight.
            I drove home and pulled into my driveway, happily noticing that there were no fresh tracks in the snow.  Good… I hadn’t missed him.
            I pulled into the garage, closed the door and as I got my Little Princess out of her seat I hear a car pull up.  I audibly laughed!  Who could ask for better timing?!
            I ran into the house, pulled off my coat, and took off my boots just as the doorbell rang.  I opened the door to my little charge.   Closed the door and did another happy Dance.  I was able to run all my errands with only ONE child today!
Today I’m grateful for when a gamble pays off, and I’m dancing to “Luck Be a Lady” by Frank Sentara!

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  1. Wow! what amazing timeing. That's great that you were able to accomplish so much in such a short time frame. Good for you!