Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Oops… wrong ball game. 

There we go. 
Jewel was given some floor tickets to a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game for Christmas, and she asked me and Doc to go with her and her hubby.  Doc of course had to work, but I couldn’t resist.  I got a babysitter and went to my first NBA basketball game.
Now, I love sports.  I ran cross-country and track, and played a little soccer and volleyball, and even played some softball when I was a kid, but basketball was never a sport that I was very good at, so I therefore didn’t follow it too closely.
As much as I would love to have scene:

We do not speak his name.

Or even:

They both have moved on.  Leaving Cleveland a decent, but obviously weaker team than they once were.
Despite the lack of big names, I had a blast!  My favorite players were Mo Williams and this guy:

I LOVE his hair!
We lost the game, but Jewel and I kept cheering until the very end. 
Never give up hope right? 
I had so much fun… but I did eat a lot of junk food, like onion rings, nachos, and a salty pretzel, so my tummy isn’t liking me too much right now. 
I’m going to go to bed and dreaming of Moondog.

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