Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Best Things Happen When You're Dancing

It’s that time of year.
The once a year occasion that I get to say, “I was RIGHT!”  And really have been right!
Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and enjoy the sensation of complete bliss.
I was RIGHT!
Yesterday I had such a fantastic night with my hubby.
It was perfect.
My little charge was picked up early, so that gave me more time than I anticipated to pick out the right dress for the President’s Ball.  I ended up going with a floor length, form fitting dark blue dress with a few floral embellishments crawling down the side.  I curled my hair and pulled half back with a couple bobby pins, and accented it with a silver flower pin.  I slipped in some long white (fake) pearl earrings, and a circular diamond necklace that Oz had given me and my accessories were complete.  Last but not least I slipped on some satin 3 inch black Charlotte Rouse heels (that look great, but kill my arches) and I was just about ready to go.
I love playing dress up.  I don’t get to do it very often, so when the opportunity presents its self, I take advantage.
Makeup wise I tried to keep it simple, but did bust out a dark blue, almost black smoky eye look, with a bright blue subtle accent near the tear duct.  I was pretty happy with the way it all tied together.
As vane as it may sound… I was pretty happy with how I looked… and that just doesn’t happen very often.
The Ball was so much fun.  We sat with 3 other couples from our ward, and it was fun getting to know them better.  Dinner was pretty good, but I came for the dancing.
There was a live band there, and I’m super bummed that I didn’t get the name of it.  They played a bunch of older dance favorites like, “My Girl” and “Soul Man”.  There was this older guy there that had moves like Michael Jackson.  I can’t believe how much energy this guy had.  I couldn’t help myself… I had to dance with him.  He was HILARIOUS!  We grooved, bopped and got down all over the dance floor.  I laughed so hard.  I’ve never danced with a 60ish old man, but…  I may have to do it more often… so much FUN!
My favorite part of the night was of course dancing with Doc. 
He is such a good dancer. 
He held me up close during the slow songs and threw me around while we swung dance during the fast ones.  I missed so much dancing with him. 
The first time I ever danced with Doc was at college.  We went to a school dance with a big group of friends.  We were neighbors, and we were friends… that’s it, but I heard that he knew how to country swing dance and I LOVE to swing.  I’m more of a lindy hop kind of girl, but I’m good at “street swing” where you combine all the different styles of swing dance into one dance… and you just switch it up as you go.  I was pretty sad about going to college and not having anyone to swing with, so I told Doc that he had to dance with me at least once.
Finally a new Kenny Chesney song came on and Doc kept his word and asked me to dance.  It took a short time to get a feel for each other’s style, but he was a really good leader.  We were really getting going when all the sudden we heard Kenny sing out, “She thinks my tractors sexy!  It really turns her on.”  We both started laughing so hard.  It was such a random and unexpected lyric it took us both by surprise.  It took a short time to stop laughing, but finally we finished the dance, and I was impressed with his dancing. 
As our group walked back to our apartments after the dance I have to admit I looked at Doc a little differently… He didn’t have a tractor… but his smile sure was/is sexy.
The first time I started having feelings for him that was a little more than friends was when we were dancing, so every time we dance I remember our first dance, laughing, and how that tractor was sexy.
Last night as I fell back in love swing dancing in my sweethearts arms I also learned an important lesson…
I’m getting too old to head bang.
My neck is killing me.

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