Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Gift of Giving

When I was a girl my favorite family tradition was gathering around the piano with my brothers and sisters and singing while my Dad played.  My favorite Christmas song is called “Giving”.  I have no idea where it came from, or why it’s not more popular but the words and music to the song is beautiful, and it taught me at a young age the importance of thinking of others first.
Giving; Santa’s Theme
In this old world that we live in
There is one great joy that ev'ryone can share
The joy of giving to the
People for whom we care

If you show love in small ways
It is always there.
To be giving and forgiving
Is to know the reason why we're living.

What's so hard about giving?
It's a perfectly simple art
The trick is to live with love from the start
And to give with an open heart

Tonight I watched a new TV. show called “Secret Millionaire” and it reminded me of this song. 
It was very humbling to see how so many people live in such poverty, but find joy in their lives focusing on helping others. 
I hate to admit but there are many times that I grumble about my trails in life, when I already have what’s most important. 
I have healthy children and a loving husband. 
I have parents and brothers and sisters who I love, and for some reason they seem to love me too. 
I have the most amazing in-laws in the world… seriously… how many people can claim that?
I have a nice home that I feel warm and safe in, and a big backyard for my family to run and play and have BBQ’s in.
I have a strong faith in God, and I’m surrounded by His blessings every day.
I’m a little tight on money, but I always have enough to pay my bills and buy some food, and go out on an occasional date with my hubby.
At the end of the show, after the millionaire (and I’m sorry I don’t remember his name) gave out $110,000, yes, Droid added it up as he went… It was good math practice, he made a fantastic statement.
“Not everyone has extra money that they can donate to a good cause, but everyone can donate some time volunteering in a good cause.”
So, that’s my challenge to all of us.  Let’s look for ways we can serve others and help make a positive difference in this old world.

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