Thursday, March 3, 2011


“A few clouds in today’s sky will make tomorrow’s sunshine brighter.”
-Adeline J. Haws.
What wise ancestors I have. 
When I read what my ancestors have written in their journals or poems, I get a feeling sometimes that they are talking to me… like they wrote these words for me to read, so I can be lifted up by their words of wisdom. 
I’m learning everyday lessons that my ancestors left for me to learn. 
Today may have been cloudy and gray, and very cold… but I can still dance at the end of the day with the hope that a new sunrise will bring a sunnier day. 
I can’t appreciate the warmth on my face until I feel the bite of the cold.
But when the sunrises in the morning you will know that my heart is dancing and rejoicing in the new day that God has given me.

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