Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It’s funny that I thought with Doc working the night shift that I would have more time in the evenings to dedicate toward my blog.  I thought I would be able to get all the kids in bed by 8:00, dishes done and dog in kennel by 9:30 at the latest, and then I would have plenty of time to sit down and write some thought provoking piece that would be profound and significant… it’s interesting how reality always tends to surprise us.
So here I sit tonight at 11:59pm, my hair still wrapped in a towel from my hastily taken shower.  The smell of Little Princess’s vomit is still lingering in the hallway, although it has been cleaned up.  The boys have been read too, and their homework is done and put back into their backpacks.  The dishes are done, but the dining room still desperately needs to be swept… and I can’t because Otis is sleeping in their tonight.  I couldn’t bare listening to him whimper in his kennel tonight.  He seems to really like lying on a towel by the back door so, that’s where he will sleep tonight.  I was hoping to get a workout in but… I just don’t have the energy… ironically I heard the best way to get energy was to exercise.
There was a moment today though that did really touch my heart.
Droid had a dentist appointment this afternoon to get a couple cavities filled.  As I drove him, and Oz, and Little Princess, and my Little Charge over to the dentist’s office Droid asked me with big eyes full of concern, “Is it going to hurt?”
I tried to reassure him the best I could and told him that the “pinch” would only be for a few short seconds and then he would be numb and wouldn’t feel anything after that.  … That didn’t seem to help too much.
We entered the waiting room and I got all four children sitting, and all their coats piled up on a separate chair.  Princess and Little Charge were having fun flipping through some People magazines, and I was kicking myself for forgetting their little bag of coloring books.
After a very short wait they called Andrew back.  He looked to me with pleading in his eyes and said, “Can you come with me?”
I looked at the two little 3 year olds climbing over the back of their chairs and told him I had to stay with them, and that there just wasn’t enough room for all of us to go back with him.  He understood… but still looked terrified.
The Oz, my little 7 year old Oz looked at the nurse and asked, “Can I come?”  I wasn’t sure if they would want him back there… and I was afraid that he wouldn’t sit still or would bother them.  Andrew immediately looked at me with a sense of hope in his expression and asked, “Can he please?”
The nurse said that there was one extra chair that he could use.  I told her to come and get me if he became a bother.
No one had to come and get me… and I didn’t hear any screaming or crying either!
About 30 minutes later a smiling Oz and Droid came around the corner with a nurse right behind them.  It was done and Droid did very well… and so did Oz.
I am so grateful that these brothers have each other.  I’m so grateful that when one of them sees the other in need they step up to lend what comfort and help they can give.
Usually it’s Droid helping out Oz, he being the older brother, but today I saw Oz taking the role of comforter for his older brother.  To me it’s one more little step on the “growing up” latter.  They are both growing up so fast.
Too fast.
Years ago, when Oz was only a few months old I wrote a poem, which my sis-in-law helped me write into a song.  I can’t really post the sheet music here, but I would like to share the word to the song with you.

Big Brother
– By Rebecca Evans

I finally got you both to sleep, so tired from a busy day.
I went to go relax myself, and glanced up at the shelf.
When your picture somehow caught my view,
Holding your brother, so small and new.
Your smiling face,
Your gleaming eyes,
I realized how much you’ve grown.
What a great big brother you are.
Sharing your toys, and caring for him.
When he’s lost, you help him find his way.
When he’s sad, you sorrow too.
And because of the love that you share with him,
He knows you’ll always be there.
As I thought of both of you,
I worried as Mother’s do,
How my boys are going to face this life,
That’s full of fear and strife.
When I saw the picture next to yours,
Quietly calming my troubled soul.
With Jesus Christ so very near,
A Mother needn’t fear.
What a great big brother He is.
Sharing your joys, and caring for you.
When you’re lost, He helps you find your way.
When you’re sad, He sorrows too.
And because of the love that He shares with you.
You’ll know, He’ll always be there.
As I came to my Father tonight.
I couldn’t withhold my gratitude
For the boys I have,
My family,
My brother.
My big brother.
What a great big brother He is.
Living His life to show us the way.
Did you know He suffered for our sins?
That we might live with Father again?
This is my prayer for you.
That you might know this too.
He’ll always be there.
He’ll always be there.
He’ll always be there.

What can I say more?  Big brothers… and little brothers make my heart dance.

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  1. That's so cute! Your song always makes me cry! Here I am just reading the words with tears running down my face; because I hear you singing it! I am thankful for sisters too! :)