Sunday, March 27, 2011

Have I Mentioned that I LOVE My Husband?

Okay, I've had a problem the past week.  I was working on my song, polishing it up and getting it ready to submit to the church music compitition, and while I was plucking out a few different chords, my key board stopped working!  It was like there was a block or something preventing the hammer from striking the string.  I could pound on the key and not a sound would come.  It wasn't stuck or anything... It was the weirdest thing.  All the main keys from middle C to high F just didn't make a sound!.

My sis-in-law played the options for me over the phone, but with my cell phone it was difficult to really hear... it was frustrating, to say the least.

I called a piano tuner and repair man, but I've yet to hear back from him.  On top of the stress of finishing my song, I also have to learn an Easter piece to play for the chior, and I haven't been able to practice it all week. 

I came home from church today a little bumbed out that I was going to have to submit my song tomorrow, without having a chance to play the final arrangment myself.

As I walked in the door from church I noticed that all my books and pictures were off the top of my piano!  I walked over and pushed middle C.  ... It played!

I ran my fingers up the scale, and to my delight all the notes played perfectly!  I ran to the bedroom where Doc lay sleeping (he had to come home from church early to sleep as he is working all night tonight) and jumped on him and gave him a big kiss! 

I can't believe he fixed my piano!  He knows NOTHING about a piano, I can't believe he was able to figure out how to fix it.  I'm telling you, this guy can fix ANYTHING! 

I'm so grateful for my sweet husband who is so thoughtful of me that he would take to time to do this for me... even though I didn't ask him too. 

He's amazing.  He's thoughtful.  He's Sweet.  He's funny.  He's Smart.  He's loving.  He's a great Father.  He's my best friend.  He's everything to me.

And just looking at him makes my heart dance.


  1. That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard! You have a wonderful guy there!

  2. He repairs people, cars, house-hold projects, and now pianos?! I never cease to be amazed!

    I'm so glad he was able to fix it so you could finish with your song. Are you submitting the one you and Tammy were working on? I hope so, as it is beautiful!