Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Corrections, Banquets, food and snowball fights!

Well… better get my facts straight!  I received an e-mail from my Dad today correcting me of a pretty big mistake I made in my previous post.  Although her second marriage wasn’t working out perfectly, they did stick it out for quite a while and they didn’t get divorced until after most the children were grown. 
They did move back to Arizona to raise the children, but it wasn’t because they had gotten divorced.  I guess I remembered that part of the story incorrectly.
However my Dad did confirm that although it’s been 55 years sense the death of Vaughn, my Grandma is in fact still in love with him.

And now… on to tonight’s post…

Tonight was Droid’s “Blue and Gold Banquet” for cub scouts.  We all had a lot of fun, although we all missed Dad, who is still on night float for the next couple of weeks.
All the boys were supposed to decorate a 9 inch circular cake for a cake decorating contest, so as soon has the boys got home from school I had them both roll up their sleeves and start frosting the cakes I had laid out and ready for them.
I knew that Oz would want to help decorate, so I let Oz decorate the second 9 inch cake, because Droid only needed to bring one anyway… I figured Oz’s would be for us to enjoy later.
Anyway, we all had a lot of fun mixing colors and picking out decorating tips to stuff into the pastry bags that I had just bought. 
All of the cakes were supposed to be decorated based on some aspect of the scouting program, so we flipped through Droid’s Webelo’s book, and decided to try to draw out the Webelo’s symbol on the cake.
I hate to brag (no… not really), but I think my kid did a pretty dang good job!

What do you think?
Well… I’m impressed.
The “banquet” was pretty good.  The fruits and veggie trays were so good, the sloppy joes… well… they were sloppy joes…
Droid brought his friend Bryce from school and he got to participate in all the different parts of the program.  Droid’s cake won an award for best “Blue and Gold cake”, and he also picked up some more pins for some achievements that he’s accomplished.
When it was over all the boys went outside to play in the snow (yes, it’s snowing AGAIN!).  I picked up the leftover cake and headed out to the car.  As I was leaving the building all the boys jumped out from behind trees and ambushed me with a barrage of snowballs! 
I had no weapon, and only one hand to fight back with, so I grabbed the closest clump of white stuff that I could find and threw it at the first boy I saw.  Oz got a fist full of cake to the back of his arm! 
Who would have thought that a snowball fight could so quickly be turned into a food fight?
After I dropped of the remaining cake in the car I turned on the boys.  I started throwing snow as fast as I could scoop it up, but the little stinkers kept running away so I couldn’t really “get ‘em” to my satisfaction.  So, I chased after Droid, caught him, and wrestled him down into the snow. 
Ha ha!  So there.  How about a whole body snowball slam!
Don’t mess with the Momma.
We all had a lot of fun, but it without gloves on it didn’t take long before we were all freezing and ran to the car for refuge. 
It was a wonderful night.  … just wish that Doc could have been there…
He could use a fistful of cake thrown at his back. 


  1. How fun! Droid did an awesome job on his cake! He defanatly diserved to win. Way to go Droid!!!

  2. Wow, the cake really looked great! Congratulations to Droid for winning the prize! Also, kudos to you for being such a great mom, not only with being so supportive in encouraging your two boys to be creative with the cakes, but also being willing to get down into the snow with them...what wonderful memories you are making!