Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Teaching Late Night Lessons

Well, I have no idea what is wrong with my internet connection, but it won’t let me on tonight.  So, I’m writing this in Word, and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post my blog entry for tonight.
Tonight I watched Bruce Almighty with my boys
… strategically skipping a certain part.
After the movie was over Oz was asleep, but Droid was still awake.  We ended up talking about why it is that sometimes we get what we want, and other times we don’t.  I told him some personal stories about times that I prayed for certain things, and I was impressed that what I wanted wasn’t what my Heavenly Father wanted for me.  As hard as it was, I followed His guidance and He opened a door for me that I never would have thought possible. 
He truly knows what’s best for us… we just have to have faith to follow the promptings that He gives us.
For me the hard part is discerning whether or not the feelings I feel when I pray are from Him, or just my mind telling me what I want to hear.
But there have been a few times when I felt so sure of an answer that I just KNEW that I had received an answer. 
There have been times that I have dropped to my knees, with tears in my eyes and confusion and fear in my heart, and I pray for guidance and peace.  After I’ve poured out my heart to Him, I felt such a feeling of peace and warmth rush through me.  My mind opened up to the question I had, and I just knew what I had to do.  Often it wasn’t what I wanted to do, but I knew it was what He wanted me to do, so I had faith and I acted upon my impression… and I prayed that I was right.
During those times that I’ve had these feelings, I look back and find that they were pivotal moments in my life… and I had no idea at the time that it would be.
I’m so grateful that Heavenly Father does hear and answer our prayers… even though we are so unworthy of it. 
It was wonderful being able to have this late night talk with my oldest son.  I hope that he remembers the lessons that I try to teach him, and that he will find the faith to follow God's plan for him. 

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