Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love those average, normal, no drama days!

I have to admit, that my laptop has been sitting on my lap for about 45 minutes now, and I'm just not sure yet what to write about. 

Not that today wasn't a good day... it was.  It's just that it was a normal, average, nothing ridiculously exciting happening day.  So, I think that today I'm happy and grateful for those normal, average, no drama days.

Because on days like today no one was hurt. 

No car accidents,

No dog bites,

No falls down the stairs,

Not even a paper cut. 

You can't dispute that often the best blessings found in the day are in the things that are NOT happening, rather than in the monotony of what IS happening. 

I'm grateful for these days were things run relatively smoothly.  I like these predictable, scheduled days.

Oh wait... something funny did happen today.  YES

Okay... I taught Droid's greenhouse class today at the school, and the lesson was on water conservation.  When the lesson was done all the kids were to come up with a pledge about how they were going to help conserve water, and then write it on a banner, sign it, and hang it outside their classroom until after Earth Day.

So, we shot around a few ideas such as -take shorter showers - turn off the water when brushing your teeth - and fix leaky faucets, but those all seamed pretty obvious, and we wanted to come up with something fun and original.  I shot out a random suggestion, and the kids loved it! 

So, the banner hanging outside of their classroom reads:

We pledge to conserve water by,
All the kids drew a water balloon and signed their name in the middle of their balloon.

It was hilarious.


  1. So glad you had a quiet day for a change! It's a rare occurence around here too. I'm on my way to the airport and then errands....see!!!

  2. No news is good news....boring is is Sunday and I take this day off from everything but absolute emergency! Does us good not to have something to do every day...

  3. Okay. This is frustating! My internet is down and my 'smart phone' will only let me comment and not post. As soon as I get my inyernet back I will post again... I'm going through blogging with-drawels! Thanks for your understanding and patience!