Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh Nuts... It's Time to get Neutered

Poor Ottis.

Today he had no idea that the rest of us were conspiring against him.

I swear as I looked into his cute little puppy dog eyes I could hear him say...

Of course that wouldn't work.  He's already started humping Little Princess's teddy bear.

As the boys were getting ready to go to school and I was loading them all in the car Droid turned to Ottis and said, "kiss your balls good-bye!"

Poor Ottis.

Well... I'm not posting him on the internet... but I am broadcasting it to the world... does that count?

As I we entered the animal hospital he knew something was up.  He huddled in a corner and whimpered.  I petted him and tried to reassure him. 

He was doing okay...

Until the doctor came in.

He didn't really run away...

But as the doctor picked him up to take him to the back, he did pee on the doctor. 

I can't blame him.

Poor Ottis.

I was worried about my sweet little boy all day. 

I had comfort knowing that although he was going to be a bit swore for a day or two, we were doing the right thing.

After all... if Bob Barker tells you to do something... it has to be right.


This afternoon when I went to pick him up I fully expected him to be knocked up on drugs or knocked out.


He was excited to see us, and running around, and very ready to go.

I think he was a little mad at me though.

When I picked him up to carry him out to the car...

He peed on me.

Oh well... I guess I had that coming.

Poor Ottis.

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  1. I feel bad laughing at your dogs expense.... But I did laugh... And hard! And the little pictures just made the post that much better! Loved it!