Saturday, February 19, 2011


What a fun day today!  My heart is full and I fill as though my family is complete. 
We found the sweetest little puppy at the Pets-mart adoption day.  We talked to the lady in charge and told her what we were looking for in a dog, and she pointed out “Herbie”, who is a mix of German Shepherd and Shar Pei.
He is 10 weeks old, and he is so cute!

Now… we weren’t sure what to name him.  At the shelter he was called “Herbie”, and at his foster home he was called “Clyde”.  Oz was thinking of calling him “Spike”… but that just sounds like a mean dogs name.  Droid voted for “Spartan”.  Doc, who had never owned a dog before, thought it was fun to call him “Ottis”.  We all laughed.  Then Little Princess called him “Yottis”.  We all laughed so hard. 
In the car we took a vote.  “Ottis” (or Yottis if you are under 5) has officially been adopted into our family.

I stongly recommend adopting a pet from a rescue shelter.  There were so many adorable puppies and dogs over there that desparately need a family to love them.  If you are interested in getting a pet, please consider adopting.

We are so excited to have Ottis in our family.  All of our hearts are dancing tonight.


  1. He's a cutie! Love the name, Ottis will fill your lives with laughter and love..I do think that was God's sole purpose in inventing a dog! Ben was a rescue dog too, his previous owners had left him out in an ice storm and he ended up with frostbite at a shelter. CockerPaws took him in and we saw him on their website. I see the crate in the picture behind you..that is the very best way to train him. Our youngest daughter is a vet tech and fosters cats and dogs at Dallas. I've given up trying to remember all their names!

  2. It certainly is a boy, you tease! :) How fun!!

  3. He is very cute. How big will he get? It does look like the kids are excited to have him in the family. I, too, like the name Ottis--very original. Have fun with your new "baby.:-D

  4. Ottis is so cute!! I'm sure the kids are just LOVING him! :) You sure had me fooled, I was thinking you were preggo again. :p Love ya!