Sunday, February 20, 2011

Still Trying to Figure This Out.

I’m so tired tonight… but my heart is full.
Last night was a long one.  I didn’t put Ottis down until 10:30, and I didn’t get to bed until closer to 11:20 or so. 
Droid and Oz have developed a habit now of making a little bed of blankets and pillows on my bedroom floor and sleeping in with us.  There are nights when I’m better at “putting my foot down” and putting them in their own bed… but it is nice to have them near and listening to their deep sleepy breathing as I fall asleep.  It’s peaceful.
But at 2:00am, Little Princess woke up because of a nightmare… I tripped over the boys while going to check on Little Princess.  She ended up coming in with her great big teddy bear and sleeping with Doc and I.
While laying back down I thought about Ottis, and wondered how he was doing, and if he needed to go out.  I tip-toed around the boys this time and snuck down to Ottis.  He was sleeping on his back with his little legs spread in the funniest angle.  I thought about taking a picture, but I didn’t want to risk waking him.  I stood there for a minute debating on whether to wake him and take him out or not.
I decided to go back to bed and let him wake up on his own.
I laid back down.  It was 2:30am.
At 3:00 on the button I heard Ottis whining loudly from him crate.  I jumped up, tripped over the boys (who didn’t even stir) and ran to the basement to get Ottis. 
He was very ready to go.  I opened his crate and we ran upstairs together.  I grabbed his leash and was getting ready to take him out when I realized, I didn’t have shoes or a coat on. 
“Hold on a sec!”  I told Ottis… who had a look of panic in his eyes, and I ran to the closet and grabbed my coat, and then to the door and grabbed my boots… then ran to the backdoor, only to find Ottis gone.
I ran down the hall just in time to see Ottis taking a healthy poo in Little Princesses room.
Shoot!  I failed my first night attempt.
I let him finish his business… I didn’t want it all over the house, besides… the damage was done, then I told him “Outside” several times and we went out together, where he went a few more times.
After I put him back to bed, I picked up the new Resolve carpet cleaner that I now realize he was inspired to buy, put on some disposable  gloves and went to work cleaning Little Princesses carpet.
If I could just insert a little commercial here… Resolve is AWESOME!  The carpet looks great, and there is NO smell left.  I’m a very satisfied customer!
I put everything away, and this time put the leash, my coat and boots together right next to the back door so next time Ottis and I could make a quicker escape.
At 5:30 I got to test my strategy.  I heard Ottis whining again and I jumped up… once again tripped over the boys (who once again didn’t even notice), and ran downstairs to an anxiously awaiting puppy. 
I let him out of the crate, we ran upstairs, and this time went straight for the back door.  I clipped on his leash, and hooked it to the door so he couldn’t ditch out on me again, and I quickly through on my boots and coat.  Then together we made a dash outside.
I’m so excited to be figuring out this potty training thing.  Ottis and I are coming along.  He’s had a few accidents, but I’m learning his “signs” and hopefully we will figure out how to communicate with each other soon.
I put Ottis back to bed, and tripped over the boys trying to get back into mine.  I cuddled up to my Little Princess who was cuddling up to Dad, who was snoring.  I lay awake for a while feeling the closeness of my family, all of us sleeping in the same room.
Though I’m really tired from being up so much last night, I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed these little midnight walks around the yard with my little dog.  The moon was so bright, and the stars so clear.  The breeze was brisk and cold, but my coat kept most of it off me.
I know tonight, and the next several nights I’m going to be repeating this process.  I feel kind of like a new Mom.  Waking up several times a night to take care of my “baby”, so I’m really tired, but really fulfilled at the same time.
These moments with a small family and a new little puppy won’t last long.  I’m soaking up all of the little moments and experiences… even the poopy ones.

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