Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Dress and Snowball Fights

Life if nothing if not spontaneous. 
It’s the surprise spontaneity of a crises that keeps us on our toes.
It’s the unexpected joke that makes us laugh all the harder.
It’s the shock of a child running and jumping into your arms and squeezing you into a “papa bear hug” that makes love grow even deeper.
Life is made up of unexpected surprises.  Sometimes they are wonderful, sometimes… not so much.
My philosophy is to try to make the best of all the moments that don’t go as planned, and maybe even create a few of these moments myself.
After church today… I took a nap. 
But after my nap the kids wanted to go outside and play in the snow a little.  Ottis needed to go out so I thought it would be fun to get a long rope out and attach it to a tree so he could play with them… and me not be afraid of him running off.
I threw a coat on over my “little black dress” that I wore to church today (yes, I took a nap in my dress), strapped on some snow boots and helped the kids secure Ottis to the tree.  Then, seeing a mound of snow beckoning me, and two unexpecting boys so close, I just couldn’t help myself.
I picked up the ball of snow, and chucked it at Droid hitting him right in the middle of his back, where it exploded in a shower of snowflakes. 
Before Oz could react I gathered up another pile of snow and tossed it at him… I didn’t want him to feel left out.
I laughed so hard at seeing their shocked faces, and the grin of malicious revenge spreading across their faces.  I ran for it. 
I didn’t get far before I felt a snowball smack right into my bootie, and Oz laughing hysterically.  This was followed shortly after by another wallop just below my knees.
The game was on.
What followed was an epic snowball fight.  Droid was diving over the 3 feet wall of snow that we had shoveled off the driveway just a couple days ago trying to find shelter, and more ammo.  Oz had a total game face on, and picked up huge pieces of packed snow from the snow pile and threw them as hard as he could, with surprising accuracy.
Little Princess even got in the game, and was true to form picking up little petite handfuls of snow and throwing them at whoever was closest… poor Ottis took a few hits, although I don’t think he minded all that much.  He ate it up… literally; he just sat there and ate snow the whole time.
The snowfall fight continued for several minutes, and just when we thought it couldn’t be any funnier, Doc came home from work.
The kids and I hid around the corner of the garage.  Doc, having seen what was going on when he pulled up knew he needed to proceed with caution.  Like a chicken he hid in the garage for few minutes.  He tried to make a break for the snow pile to arm himself, but he didn’t stand a chance.  The kids and I ran at him with our arms full of snow and nailed him before he had a chance. 
Doc joined the fight and we all laughed hysterically as we ran around the yard throwing snow at each other. 
The boys dressed in jeans and snow pants.  Doc still in scrubs.  And me in my Sunday dress.
Sometimes the best moments in life happen spontaneously.

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  1. sounds like fun, but brrrr...a dress and a snowball fight are a bad mix! The kids won't remember what you were wearing, or that dad wasn't there the whole time.. what they will remember is having the best snowball fight ever with Mom and Dad!