Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shiatsu Massage

Maybe it’s from holding little ones on my hip throughout the day.  Maybe it’s from crawling around on the floor to play, or to clean up after play time.  Maybe it’s from the stress that comes from being a resident’s wife.  Maybe it’s from constantly trying to be a good mom, wife, homemaker, and childcare provider, but whatever the cause, my shoulders and neck seam to always be tight, knotted, kinked, and sore.  This often leads to headaches. 
The other day my sister called me and told me that her friend had the coolest neck and back massager called the Shiatsu massage pillow.
I couldn’t help myself.  The next day I ran off to Wal-mart and picked one up.
Can I just say, it’s wonderful!  It feels amazing!  I’ve never had a personal massage, as much as I would love one… but I imagine that this little back pillow does a great job imitating the real thing.

It’s so relaxing, and what’s even better… it’s helping my muscles relax too… which makes it so much easier for me to dance.

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  1. Bless your heart, being a mom is hard on the mind and body! Massage is so healing, besides unkinking muscles that are knotted (this prevents bloodflow) it increases endomophins. I go rarely for massages but after back surgeries the pt included massage and it was so wonderful! Do the shiatsu often, hope those headaches improve...