Wednesday, February 9, 2011

There's a First Time for Everything

I’m typing a little more carefully tonight.  It’s not that I’m trying to be careful for what I say, or that I have anything exceptionally thought provoking that I’m trying to express just right.  Nope, my reason for cautiousness is this… and I can’t believe I’m going to say this

I don’t want to break a nail.

I admit, I’m an interesting mix.  When I was in high school I could fit into several different categories. 

Because I ran cross-country and track,
 played soccer, and volleyball.  And I am one heck of a swing dancer.

This is a more modern term, but I was in choir.
I’ll never consider myself a “thespian” (I try to avoid “drama” in my life) but I was in several plays.

Band nerd
I played clarinet until my Junior year, and even did a year in the marching band.

And just plain “Nerd
Heck yes I was an honor student…
but barely.

Though I don’t think I fit into the “popular” crowd, I was defiantly well known.  Simply because I was into so many different things.  I like to think that I looked okay in school.  Like most girls I got up early to curl my hair and put on my make-up.

But today I was informed that I had totally neglected myself in one very big way. 

I have never had a manicure!  Nope, not even on my wedding day did I have those beautiful fake French fingernails super glued to my own.

Jewel found this to be an unacceptable find.  So, she came over today and we ran off to CVS and we bought some fake (BOGO!) Revlon French tips.

We set up our own salon on my kitchen table, and with a bowl full of gummy worms and reeses-pieces, we were ready to go.

All went pretty well… dispite my new found fears of a torture devise called a “cuticle trimmer”. 

I’m getting used to this too smooth to be true, and no finger nails are ever really this shiny, look. 

I think I like them… we’ll just have to see if they can hold up after a few loads of dishes, and all this typing.

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