Friday, February 4, 2011

Blissful Balloons

She throws the pink balloon up into the air and watched it attentively as it reaches a peak and slowly starts it’s decent.  She follows it with her eyes, lining herself up to be under it when it comes within the reach of her short little arms.  Her smile broadens exponentially as she anticipates catching her prey.  Finally it is within reach.  She jumps and laughs excitedly as she smacks the balloon back into the air and chases it to get back underneath it so she can repeat the process.
She is elated with this simple self invented game.  Each time she smacks that balloon in the air there seems to be a renewed joy. 
There is magic in the simplicity of childhood.  The imagination of a child is so precious.  I’m in awe of the innocence of youth.  I’m so grateful for the precious and few years that my children have to truly enjoy the simple things in life.  I can see the magic in the world when I look at the sparkle of joy, the giggles of delight that can come from a small pink balloon put in the arms of a Little Princess.

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