Thursday, February 17, 2011


I made a new friend today.  Joycee from Granny Mountain blog (which I've read some of today and I love it!) e-mailed me about one of my Great Grandmother’s poems.  Her inquiry made me pick up my book of poems that she wrote, and I couldn’t help but read through more of them.  There are so many that are so beautiful, I’m sure I’m going to share more of them throughout the course of my blog, but one poem called “Millennium” touched me very deeply.
It was written on March 20, 1941 which was at the beginning of World War II

When Peace fills the Earth and Love rules supreme
When hate and oppression are naught but a dream
When there is no friction, no worry, no fear.
Oh then we will know the Millennium’s here.
No longer we’ll shudder at horrors of war
No longer we’ll fear deadly bombs from afar
With Death and destruction eternally banned
The earth will become what our Creator planned.

We’ll hail the Millennium!  Happy the day
When greed and deception no longer hold sway!
When cities and nations shall worship the Lord.
Earth’s symphony one grand harmonious chord!
I think this is one of the most beautiful poems I’ve ever read.  I especially love the final idea of all the earth’s nations represented as different instruments playing together in harmony.  I pray that I live to see the day when there truly is peace on earth. 
And then we can all dance together.   

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  1. Her vision was so focused on her deep faith and conviction, such a moving poem. I've been reading your blog too, many posts until I feel like I know you! I admire your dedication to family and can imagine just how hard your days are being a resident's wife. I still am wondering who the Angie was that left the message on the blog??