Friday, February 11, 2011

Beautiful Silence

I'm sitting on my couch with my feet kicked up resting on my coffee table. 
The lights are out, and everyone is asleep,
but me.

It's so quiet.

When I was younger I remember jumping into the car with my parents and the first thing I wanted to do was turn on the radio and crank it up. 

Silence was awkward. 

It was boring.

I never understood why my Mom always preferred to drive with the radio off, and beg us kids to "quiet down".  I thought she was just chronically grumpy.  (sorry mom for being so wrong).

I understand now.

Silence is wonderful.

It's peaceful.

It's non-demanding, and has no expectations.

It give me an opportunity to listen to myself for a change.

It lets me feel peace within myself.

The joyful and fun noise of childhood will return in the morning, and I will run and play and laugh and enjoy the noise. 

But for now, I'm relishing the peace that only silence brings.

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