Friday, February 18, 2011

Thinking about adding one more to the family!

I had a day off today!  My little charge had a few doctor check-ups today so I took advantage of it and Little Princess and I had a “Girls Day Out”! 
I had heard on the news that there were over 100 puppies rescued from a home earlier this month and some of them were ready for adoption.  This got me thinking.  My kids love dogs.  I grew up with a dog that I loved and adored.  Isn’t it time that we start thinking about adding one to our family? 
So, I spent the first part of the morning looking up animal shelters and dogs that were up for adoption that would be good with children, and mild on poor Doc’s allergies. 
After that I took Little Princess on a drive to look at some of the dogs that were up for adoption.  Although all of them were already “claimed” we had fun at the Pet’s Mart looking at and petting the dogs, looking at the fish, birds, crabs, and cats.  We really enjoyed our time together, just us girls.
Tomorrow is another adoption event at a Pet’s Mart right down the road from us (I drove 30 minutes to get to the other one).  I talked with the girl who is bringing the dogs, and I think she might have one that will be a good fit for us!  The boys don’t have a clue that we are even thinking about this!  We are just going to take them with us tomorrow and cross our fingers that we find one that we all like… and pray that it really does end up being a good dog for the kids… and for allergies.  J
As part of making this decision I’ve been thinking about how short childhood is, and how much my dog Shotzie (a German word of endearment… which I’m sure I spelled wrong) meant to me.  She was always there to play with, and always excited to see me.  She and I raced around the block, I was on roller blades, and I still could barely keep up with her!  Sure I had to pick up dog poop out of the yard, and keep her fed and clean, but she taught me my first lessons in how to care for another creature.  In a sense she prepared me (to a very small degree) how to be a Mom. 
Anyway, I hope that we can find a dog, if not tomorrow, soon, that my children can remember with the same fond memories and love as I do of Shotzie.
Wish us luck!

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  1. What an exciting time for the family! My Mom always used to say a child needs a dog. We had a cocker spaniel growing up and she was the sweetest. Through the years and the girl's childhoods we had a terrier/poodle mix, a blue tick hound and a black lab. All along the way they added so much to our lives and we grieved when they passed on. We now have a "senior citizen" blonde cocker spaniel Ben (he writes the blog occasionally!) and we adore him. He gets spoiled as much as the grandsons...good luck finding the perfect dog for your family.