Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I've Never Been so Happy for it to Suck!

My vacuum sucks.  Actually, it doesn’t suck, which is why it sucks. 
Finally after more than a year of fighting with our crappy Eureka, we bit the bullet and bought ourselves a Hoover.  And prayed that it wouldn’t suck… actually, that it would suck.
I spend all day listening to “Emma” on my mp3 player and cleaning up.  I cleaned up Little Princess’s room, my room, and then the downstairs TV. room.  Then I pulled out our brand new Hoover to give it go.

It sucked! 
                                                 But in a good way.                                                                                  
I was elated!  I could go over the carpet once and it would pick up all the little pieces of random crumbs and dirt that I came across… and then some. 
Apparently my Eureka sucked (or didn’t) even more than I thought because after going over just Little Princess’s room it was so full of fine dirt that I had to empty it!  Her room didn’t even look like it was dirty!  Heck, I had just gone over it with my Eureka a couple days before! 
By the time I was done today I ended up filling up my new Hoover with dirt 3 times!  I can’t believe how dirty my carpet was! 
My Hoover Sucksand I love it!

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