Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A New Set of Wheels

My van has a problem with skidding in the snow.  I can tap on the brakes and more often than not I skid in the slush.  When I pull out on to a road and try to accelerate my tires peal out and have a hard time finding traction. 
My tires are bald.
We were hoping to wait until our tax return came in to get new tires, but after 8 more inches of snow were dumped on us last night we knew we had to bite the bullet and get it taken care of. 
The timing actually worked out really well.  My Little Charge is going to be out this week because he has some mysterious rash they are waiting to find out the diagnosis on, so, this week it’s just me and Little Princess hanging out together.
Doc was either really kind and thoughtful, or not thinking at all when he made an appointment for me to take the van to Firestone to get the job done.  Firestone is attached to the mall, so while the van was being worked on Little Princess and I got to have some girl time walking around the mall window shopping, eating Subway, and picking up a few fun things here and there.
My Little Princess is a diva in many ways, but the one area where I want her to be “divaish”, she’s not.  She will not let me do a thing with her hair. 
It’s a mess!
It’s frizzy, and raggedy and short, as a result of her twisting it, knotting it, pulling some of it out, and taking scissors to it… a few times!
While we were walking I saw “Claire’s”.  I really wanted to pick something fun up for Little Princesses hair.
There were so many cute things in there!  But, of course the one thing she really wants is this Dora toy cell phone.  I really wanted to buy her these really cute head bands with ridiculously huge flowers on them.  Little Princess didn’t want those… she wanted the cell phone.
What to do?
Of course there was only one thing to do.
I bribed her.
“Okay, I’ll make you a deal.  I’ll get you the cell phone if you wear one of these head bands.”  I offered.
“No.”  She replied, “I want the Dora phone!”
I started to put the phone back, “You can’t have the phone unless you wear the headband!”  I stated.
She hesitated.
She looked from the headband to the coveted glittering phone (literally… the phone was covered in glitter).
After a moments debate she consented, “Fine.”
YEAH!  I was so excited.  I went to check out with 2 way too cute head bands, one white with a glittery flower on it, and the other hot pink with a humongous flower attached.  … It was buy one get one half off… I had too…
And Little Princess got her phone.
It was hilarious.  As soon as we left the store I ripped the tags off of the white headband and put it around her head.  Then I took her phone out and gave it to her.
She put the phone to her ear and with a huge smile on her face she said, “Hi, Sara!  It’s me Little Princess” (She stated her full name… first, middle and last!)  Then she said, “I’m calling on my new cell phone.”
Anyway, she had me rolling.
I left the mall today feeling great.  Little Princess chatted contentedly with every person she had ever known… and many who she made up, on her new toy cell phone.  I was excited because the headband was still firmly planted on Princesses head.  And to top it all off…  When I left the mall my tires didn’t peal out… the van didn’t pull to the right, and I didn’t leave skit marks in the snow when I stopped.
My credit card maybe maxed out, but… it was worth getting a new set of wheels.

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  1. Glad you are safe and sound with the new tires! Your mall experience brought back happy memories for me. We had two daughters, the oldest would have nothing to do with "girly stuff" and the youngest, Amy loved dressing up from age 2! When they became teens, they flip-flopped and Stephanie became clothes crazy, loved makeup and always doing her hair...Amy went the other direction and rarely wore makeup and couldn't care less about clothes. As adults they remain different as day and night, I love everything about them!