Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Egg, A Turtle and a Shell

My children are constantly surprising me.  Whether it's with Nerf guns, magic tricks or funny (or not so funny) pranks, they definitely keep me on my toes. 

Today it was my Little Princess's turn to surprise me.  And of course it was when I least expected it.

We had just finished reading the scriptures together as a family (something that we haven't been very consistent with, but are doing better with) and we were all kneeing down around my bed for family prayer.

Little Princess informed us that it was her turn to say the 'night night prayer". 

We all anticipated a very short prayer, but Little Princess went on asking, "please let us watch movies, and go to play park, and have a good sleep, and Dora, and school, and Dad at work, and an egg, turtle, shell.  Amen."

Where did the egg, turtle and shell come from?  I have no idea.  But it's hilarious, and humbling that my little girl remembers to ask for the big things like safety, but she also remembers to be grateful for the little things that are always overlooked, like eggs, turtles and shells.

I'm going to try harder to notice those little gifts that the Lord has created and be a little more appreciative of them. 

Like my Little Princess is.

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  1. oh the innocence in that prayer! It is good to keep that in our lives as we get older, to be thankful for the little things. This morning the sun is yet to peep over the horizon and I have my back door open...yes in February! It's a mild 54 degrees out, the birds are singing and the air is just so fresh. Can you tell I'm longing for spring? Ok, I'm shutting the door now!! Have a great day sweetie!