Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blast From the Past

Back before Doc was a doctor, he was a 16 year old kid who loved hot rods. 

He pulled a 1964 Chevy II Nova out of a local junk yard and rebuilt it until it was immaculate.  It won prizes at car shows.  He was 17!  The kid is amazing.

He tried to keep his hot rod hobby going, but as children were born, and expenses went up, balancing school and every part time job either of us could take to keep our heads above water… the time came when we had to sell the Nova for a car that got more than 8 mpg. 

Watching that car be taken away was horrible.  I openly cried.  I felt like I was selling my husband’s first baby.  Although he didn’t cry, it was evident that it was very hard on him.

Once we moved to Virginia for medical school there just wasn’t any time for car showsnot to mention the fact that there just weren’t any real car shows there.

It has been more than 5 years sense our last car show.  Oz doesn’t even remember ever going to one. 

However, there is a guy that Doc works with that is also a car enthusiast and he told Doc of a car show about 20 miles away.  He came home so excited to take the family to a car show again.  I was excited to see that spark in his eye again.

Droid was pretty excited to go, but he was a little upset that he would be forfeiting his videogames for an evening.  This made me a little sad.  When Droid was 4 he could walk through a car show and point our cars saying, “That’s a ’57 Chevy.  That’s a ’67 Chevelle.  That’s a ’60 Corvette.”  You get the idea.  He knew his cars.  We’ve been away from them for so long he doesn’t remember much of that anymore.

Anyway, we went.  It was so much smaller than an Arizona car show.  I guess that’s to be expected in Ohio. 

But, there were some pretty sweet cars. 
I miss those cars.  Someday I would LOVE to have one of these!

Doc wants one of these

And we are going to let our boys rebuild their own car.

The evening was a great blast from the past, (no pun intended).

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