Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hand-Me-Down Happiness

I decided that today I was going to go through a few bags of clothes that some friends brought over for the kids.
I’ve been really blessed that every time it seems like the kids grow out of their clothes and I think I’m going to have to go clothes shopping (which is usually at the local Goodwill) someone calls me up and tells me they have some clothes that their kids grew out of and wanted to know if I wanted them.  I never turn down an offer of “hand-me-downs”.  As a matter of fact, almost my entire closet, and my kids clothes are full of “hand-me-downs”.  That may sound really cheap or poor of me, but let me tell you… I have an awesome wardrobe!  When I, or my kids get “new” “hand-me-down” clothes I go through what I currently have, and see what I’m actually wearing, and switch out my less used clothes for some that I think I’ll wear more often.  I’ve ended up with great closet of clothes.  Actually, when I get a compliment on my clothes I often say, “Oh, thank you I got my shirt from “so and so”, and the pants from “what’s her name” and the shoes from “Neighbor Jane” and the socks… I bought.”

Today as I was going “shopping” through the garbage bags full of clothes… I was in heaven.  There were so many awesome pieces!  The boys pretty much got a new wardrobe.  So I knew I was going to have to go through their drawers and see what they are actually wearing in there, and what I can pass on to my friends that have boys just smaller than mine.

As I started going through some clothes I saw a box in the closet and looked inside it.  It was full of Little Princess’s baby dresses and outfits from when she was just born. 

I knew I had a decision to make. 

I’ve actually been going back and forth with this decision for almost a year now. 

Should I keep the clothes that I absolutely adore, or, should I give them to someone else for their baby to enjoy.
Going through the clothes brought tears to my eyes, knowing that I’m about to let them go. 

I’m going to give most of the clothes to a girl in my church.  Then I’m labeling the tags of my absolute favorite 

I have 4 garbage bags full of clothes sitting in my living room, labeled and ready to pass on to another family, just as most of them have been passed on to me.

It’s a great cycle of friends helping friends.  And that makes my heart dance.

dresses and mailing them to my Sis-in-Law Emily to use for her baby girl.  That way they stay in the family so should (by some slim chance) I do have another baby girl, I can still dress her in some of my favorites.

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