Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Super Savings!

Okay, so who doesn’t like a good deal???  I admit that I’ve never been much of a shopper… largely due to the fact that I’ve never had any money to go play with, BUT lately I’ve caught the shopping bug.  Not for shoes, or clothes, jewelry or anything like that.  I’ve been shopping for Food, and diapers, and other random household products.

Boring I know, but heck, we all have to buy these things, why not make it fun, by finding ridiculously awesome deals on the things that we are going to buy anyway?

A friend turned me on to this website  It’s great no matter where you live, though if you are lucky enough to live in Arizona or Utah or one of their other high traffic states you can really get some steals at the store.

What this amazing website does is match the weekly sales ads to a coupon in the Sunday paper.  When you combine a good sale with a coupon, you can get some pretty incredible deals… some even for FREE!

For example… I had to pick up some more pull-ups for my Little Princess, so I checked the web site and found that Walgreens had the best deal this week for diapers.  While I was at it I found a few other great deals there.  I printed my shopping list, cut a few coupons that I needed, and ran to the store.  Here is what I bought.

I got all of this for a grand total of $11.56!

i saved:

That’s 77.62% off!

Happy Dance!!!!

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