Saturday, January 22, 2011


I should feel really bad about missing my post yesterday… but I don’t. 

Yesterday Jewel came over for some much needed girl time.  Things are spiraling out of control in her marriage, and she desperately needed a friend. 

We talked for a bit.  Her red eyes were too puffy and tired to cry any more.  Then we played with Little Princess for a while.  Little Princess was hilarious!  She was running around playing tag with us, and then started a game of fetch.  Jewel threw her little Pablo stuffed doll and Princess went to go retrieve him.  Only instead of picking him up with her hands, she got down on her knees and picked him up with her mouth and brought him back like a puppy dog.  It was so funny.  Curious if she would do it again Jewel tossed him again.  And again Princessfetched” him.  I grabbed my camera and took some video of this game that continued for about 2 minutes.  We were laughing so hard!

While the camera was out Little Princess had a little “photo shoot” with us, and took several uncentered, crooked, and head’s cut off photos of Jewel and I.  This then turned into a tickle fight with Princess, which then Jewel and I took jabs at each other.
Afterward we changed into p.j.’s, jumped in my bed and watched the dateline program and laughed at Keith Morrison’s hil-ar-ious way of narrating a story.

Though it was almost mid-night neither of us were ready to call it a night, so we popped in my newest Netflix DVD, “State of Play” with Ben Affleck and Russell Crowe.  It was a great movie.

We talked a while longer.  Girls just can’t seem to stop talking sometimes.  I think we could have talked all night except that Jewel needed to get home to take her dog out to pee. 

The night finally ended at 2:45am.  It was a wonderful night.  It felt like those good old fashioned high school sleepovers.  I just wish it could have been as carefree as those “Good ‘ol Days”. 

Though I’ll do my best never to skip a day again, I don’t regret it.  She needed my attention much more than my blog last night.  My heart was full with friendship,

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