Monday, January 31, 2011

So Many Reasons to Dance

Today I’m looking back on the past couple of months and marveling at how much I’ve found to be happy with at the end of the day. 

I find myself going through every day now thinking, “What am I going to write about tonight?”  I’m constantly looking for the good in my life.  I’m looking for the small little moments that make me smile.  The little things that are so often overlooked, I’m looking for them now, and in doing so I’m finding so much more contentment in my life.  I’m much more patient with my children.  I’m much more grateful for everyday things that I often don’t think much of. 

I’m looking at hardships and trials through different eyes.  They are not any easier.  I still have bad days.  But I’m not dwelling on what’s going wrong, or what is hard.  I’m looking for what is going right

and I’m finding it.

Today I wanted to recap and share what I’ve found to be happy about so far in my adventure in blogging.  I’ve even alphabetized the list!  I actually started this list when I started the blog.  I knew that on day 200 I could very well start repeating things that I’ve already mentioned that I’m grateful for.  So every day that I post I add my “reason to be happy” to my list, so I can make sure that I don’t repeat anything that I’ve previously posted about.  That said, there are I’m sure going to be things that are very similar, or related, but, I’m committed to finding some different aspect of life that makes me dance to post about.  So, that said, here is a recap of what has made me dance so far.

Anniversary; Eleven Years
Audio books
Basketball Games
Being Home
Being done with the cantata
Car shows
Children's Messes
Chore Chart
Christmas Caroling
Christmas Eve
Comfort When Sick
Coupon Sense
Crazy Days
Dreaming of White Christmas
Everyday Efforts
Guardian Angel, Grandpa
Girl's Night
Great Timing
Growing Pains
Leaps of Faith
Learning to Skate
Loving Neighbors
Miracle Babies
Mountains of Laundry
My Past
New Years Resolutions
Niels Petersen
Not Buying the Lie
Prodigy Conductor
Shoulders to cry on
Stacey Miles
Stepping out on Stage

I hope that you have found many reasons to dance too.

I’m looking forward to a lifetime more of future happy dances to add to this list.

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