Saturday, January 8, 2011

If a Gay Guy says You look Fabulous... You Look Fabulous!

I’m a busy person.  There are always things to do and projects that I want to get done, kids to run from one place to another, dishes and laundry to do, floors to sweep or vacuum, kids to play with and events at the school to volunteer for.  Ads to compare, coupons to clip, groceries to buy… Husbands of course need some attention too.

With a never ending “to do” list to keep my focus on, I often forget to pay attention to myself. 

This morning I looked in the mirror and realized that my hair was out of control.  It had been 17 months sense my last hair cut.  My hair is long…. And split ends are taking over.  That’s it!”  I declared.  Today with my hubby being home I decided that time has come for a haircut. 

I debated on a few potential cuts.

I’ve gone for the short pixy look before and had a lot of fun with it.

 Then I thought maybe more like this
But I’ve really enjoyed having it long lately and I’m into the lightly curled look, so I decided on something more like this.

As I was putting on my sassy boots and coat to headed out to Ulta, my favorite salon, Little Princess started throwing on her boots insisting on coming with me, she was so cute I couldn’t say no.  So, I thought it would be pretty fun to have a “girls day out” with my little girl. 

I quickly packed her little purple purse with the essentials (an “I love you bunny” book, Pablo stuffed toy, and of course Ticker Bell had to come too)  then zipped up her coat, pulled her hat down a little more, and walked with her out to the car.  (After Doc promised to come and pick her up if she got feisty)

As soon as we walked into the salon there were “ooo’s” and “ahhhhh’s” over how cute my Little Princess is.  I had to agree.

We were lucky, the salon wasn’t busy, and Little Princess took the chair next to me, and Lydia began working on my roots.  Little Princess came over and sat in my lap and I read her her book while the dye and tin foil were weaved through my hair.  I glanced up and saw our reflection in the mirror, and I was so grateful to have this moment with my daughter. 

Once the foil was in and the waiting commenced, one of the makeup girls came over and asked if Little Princess wanted to put on some lip gloss.  Of course she did!  We walked through the store, with the foil in my hair and the cape around my front to the makeup department and Little Princess picked out a bright pink lip gloss.  Then we sat her up in a tall chair.  She pouted her lips, and Michelle the makeup girl laughed that she already knew how to “assume the position”.  The gloss was so cute on her.  It actually blended really well with her lips and was barely noticeable, except for the hint of glitter. 

She smiled all the way back to the salon.  No sooner than I sat down, she asked if she could go home.  Knowing that I was nowhere near done, and she wasn’t going to be up for the long haul, I called Doc up, and he headed over.

Poor Doc had to walk through the entire store of “girly” product to the salon.  Once he arrived he was surprised to see all the tin foil in my hair.  He had never seen me get my hair done before… actually, I don’t think he’d ever been in a salon before! 

We switched keys, and he and Little Princess were off on their own father/daughter date.

The rest of the appointment was just peaceful.  I had a great time chatting with Lydia, who did an amazing job on my hair; she even showed me some fun ways to curl it.

I walked out of there (3 hours later!) feeling great.

I ran to the grocery store to pick up some things before heading home, and while there one of the clerks that almost always checks me out, was walking by and said, “Whoa!  What is this?  Mom’s night out?  You look great!” 

I told her that I just left the salon, and she said, “Well, tell your husband to get a babysitter, because he needs to take you out and show you off tonight!” 

Oh, I smiled!

And as I turned to keep on shopping to gay guys who were near me said, “Dang, she beat me too it… I was going to tell you that your hair looks fabulous!”

Holy cow!  Could there be a bigger compliment?!  I must be looking awesome, according to Tyra, gay guys don’t lie… especially when it comes to looks and fashion.  I felt like a million bucks!

I smiled all the way home!  This stay at home Mom is feeling awesome!

So, I’m going to watch a movie with the family.  Put the kids to bed… and, hang out with my man.
Today, I’m super grateful for the miracles that salons are!

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