Monday, January 24, 2011

Right Down to the Toes

This evening we had the missionaries over for dinner.  One of them had NEVER had homemade pizza before!  Crazy, I know.  I just couldn’t hear that and not make them my AWESOME (if I do say so myself) homemade pizza.  I got the dough recipe from my amazing Mom-in-law, and after playing with the spices for a while I found a great combination for the sauce.  It turned out so stinking good!

One of these days I’m going to have to open up my own pizzeria. 

After a very causal dinner, we all gathered in the living room where we already had a nice fire going in the fireplace.  The missionaries taught us more about how to discern good from evil, and encouraged the kids to listen to the spirit before making decisions. 

After they had left Doc and I sat by the fire and chatted while we warmed our toes.  Little Princess soon joined us, and then Oz.  We didn’t want Droid to miss this, so we call him over and he sat with us. 

We just sat there for a short time, all of us side by side gazing into the dwindling fire.  My attention soon turned from the fire to all of our toes lined up next to each other.  These are the moments that I love most.  The small little things that we do together that brings us closer.  I love everyone in my family
right down to their toes.

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