Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm Small I Know...

There have only been a few people I’ve told about this blog.  I’m mainly keeping it for myself, and if others come upon it and enjoy it then I’m doubly blessed… to know that my heritage has not only helped and inspired me, but also inspired others is a great feeling.
Today I received an e-mail for my Sister in Law, who I adore.  Because we share such similar interests, and she shares my joy of writing I thought I would tell her about my blog, and get her overall thoughts on everything from the background (which I’m going to work on) to the writing it’s self.  Her opinion is invaluable to me.
Her e-mail touched me, and taught me, and reminded me of so much.  Below are portions of that e-mail:

I don't know why I'm telling you this instead of posting it on my blog and sharing it to the world (well, just the handful of readers who care to listen to what I say). Maybe it's because of your "Dance" blog and your happy outlook towards the day-to-day that I'd thought I'd share.
I've always, always loved the song "'Give' Said the Little Stream" that along with "When I Am Baptized" are my two absolute favorite Primary hymns.
While playing the hymns in the play room while the children were watching TV, I came across "'Give' Said the Little Stream" and of course, I always have to play it. The words inspire me.

"Give", said the little stream.
"Give, oh give", "Give, oh give"
"Give", said the little stream as it hurried down the hill.
I'm small I know but wherever I go, the grass grows greener still
Singing, singing all the day
Give away, oh give away
Singing, singing all the day
Give, oh give away

As I read the lines over again, this time without my poor attempt to play the music, tears came to my eyes.
I then whispered, "Though to the some I'm nothing, I still have a big impact in this world (as a wife, mother, friend, child of God and example of our Lord and Savior)."
How important we are to our Heavenly Father! Just as our parents didn't have a "favorite" child, nor did one receive more gifts that the other, the same is with our Father in Heaven. We are important to Him. In this world where you are only important if you make money, have a healthy/lean/tan body, have the right hair/clothes/makeup, to the Lord He doesn't care. I am no better than the homeless man trying to make any money possible so he could eat or provide for his family. I am no better than the murderers, robbers, rapists that are in jail. And then again, I am no better or less than celebrities, millionaires, the Pope. Though they are small, like me, they are still important and still deserve a place within Heaven.

Today was one of those days that I worked so hard to please and have fun with my kids, while still trying to be Mom.  I made them Cinnamon rolls,
and cleaned the kitchen, we had a good Family Home Evening and the kids were actually pretty respectful this time.  Afterward I played Apples to Apples with them,
and it was so funny because Little Princess would just pick a random card out of her deck, and it was almost always hilarious.  Like one time the word was "filthy" and she put out, "my past"!  Maybe she was thinking of diapers???
Afterward I through them all in the bathtub (sorry, no pictures of that) while Doc “studied” in the other room for a big test coming up,
and I did the dishes… again. 
Today was a good day... but I'm so tired, and it's one of those days that even though I know I did a lot, I just don't feel like I did enough.  There is still laundry to do;  
and the basement needs to be picked up from my Little Princess and my Little Charge playing.  I also let the boys have a friend over to play with today as well.  I'm just feeling irritated with myself that I can't seem to get IT ALL done… at least not in one day.    
This e-mail meant so much to me.  Sometimes I feel like my life isn't important unless I'm trying to make a big impact on the most people... but I think I need to learn that sometimes the biggest impacts come from small actions, toward small people.
Thank you Sis so much for sharing this.  You always teach me so much.

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