Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Lie

The Lie
A Slower day is coming..

It's the promise of a slower day that keeps us from doing the most important things in our lives.
Being the wife to our husbands
Being the mother to our beautiful children.
It's the lie that we believe that one day soon
things will slow down and we will get to do all the
things with our children that we think about. It's the lie 
that keeps us from being loving affectionate wives to our
husbands. When I get the kids settled then it will be his time.
The lie..
It's the lie that keeps us so busy with things
that should not be in our lives at all.
Things that keep us from our precious family.


We'll have a good time when the bills are paid
When the skies are blue
When the baby sleeps all night.
When everyone is well
When the business picks up
When the house is remodeled

This one lie has revolutionized our lives.
The slower day is not coming.
Things will not slow down or get easier.
You have to learn to work around all the other
distractions in your life. Don't learn to work around your
husband and children.
Enjoy them now..   
While there's still time.

Laugh with them
Play with them
Run after them until you catch them
Cook their favorite meals
Snuggle alot
Lay across their beds and just listen
Invest yourself...

God has shined his goodness on you this day.
Enjoy it and bask in His goodness don't miss it
and don't buy the lie. 

I took this post from a blog that I follow called Just a Family.  You can see the original post HERE.

I love this blog.  You should definitely check it out, I'm sure you will start to follow her as well.  Her beautiful insight and view of the world always brings me peace and hope, and inspires me to be better.  She helps me to remember not to buy the Lie.

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