Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cheek to Cheek

I was relaxing on the couch looking out the window, watching the first of the snowflakes starting to fall, when I felt the softest little brush across my cheek.  I looked over as little hands wrapped around my neck and held her cheek next to mine, and squeezed my neck in the sweetest hug.
My heart melted.
She loves to play, and make funny faces.  She squeezes her cheeks together and laughingly says, “Chubby Cheeks!” 
I fill my cheeks with air and make a funny face back at her.  She squeezes my cheeks together which makes a funny, “Phfffft” sound.  We both laugh.  My heart smiles.
Doc finished his big exam and came home tired, worried that he didn’t go good enough, (I’m confident he did great) and just plain sick of this life as a resident.  Little Princess had a great solution.  She climbed up in the bed and gave him a sweet little kiss on the cheek.
I’m grateful for cheeks today.  Weird, I know.  But I love the funny faces we can make with them, 

 the dimples that are so endearing in them. 

I love the tenderness of a kiss on the cheek, and the softness of a child snuggled up with you, cheek to cheek.

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