Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Girls Need Girlfriends

There are so many reasons why girls need to have at least one close girl friend, but I think it all comes down to support.
Girls are complicated creatures… who is going to debate me on that?  Men have a hard time trying to understand us… heck, we have a hard enough time understanding ourselves. 
Our thoughts go a million miles per hour, our hormones are unpredictable, our emotions are always betraying us, and our to do lists are never ending. 
When everything comes to a head, and the “crap” hits the fan in our lives, we have learned that men are not the ones to turn to too for advice.  We already know their answers, “Just don’t do all that.”  Or “Uh huh dear that’s nice.”
A good girl friend really listens to everything you have to say… which in and of its self is the sign of a true friend.  They are unfailing at lifting you up, supporting you, telling you, “you can do it!” and they validate your feelings.
Good girl friends have been instrumental in my life.
When Doc and I were going through medical school (I don’t care what you may think even though I didn’t sit in all the classes and get the degree, I did go through all the stresses of medical school with him but that’s a post in and of its self.)) I was alone a lot. 
Here I was a 23 year old with 2 small boys.  Oz was only 18 months old when we moved to Virginia, and Droid was 4.  Moving across the country, leaving all my friends and family thousands of miles behind me, transitioning into a whole new culture, living in a tiny duplex in a terrible neighborhood ((I would literally watch drug deals go on outside my window) … the first 6 months were some of the hardest of my life. 
There was one particular day when I was hitting an all time low, and I received a phone call from another med student’s wife named Kate.  She was calling to see how I was holding up.  Within 5 minutes she had me laughing.  She was hilarious.  I was amazed at how quickly we clicked, and I soon found myself opening up about all my frustrations… and she understood. 
We’ve been like sisters ever sense.  Now she lives in Washington while her hubby completes his residency, but she is still my life line.  When I have a day that I want to vent, get advice, or just laugh, I call her up… and all is right with the world. 

Coming here to Ohio for residency I had a very similar experience with Jewel.  I was so surprised and grateful at how quickly we clicked, and now she has joined my “sister-hood” of friends that I know I’ll be close to forever.
Today I’m grateful for good girl friends who like to do the Happy Dance with me! 

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