Monday, January 10, 2011

Through Sickness and Health

Last night Droid started feeling sick right around the same time I did.  Doc was still down and out.  Little Oz and Princess knew that everyone else was sick, and they were concerned.  I'm not sure if it was because they were scared because of the change of routine in the house or if they just wanted to to be near us, but all three kids made a bed on the floor of my bedroom, and curled up with each other.

Having them near, all five of us sleeping in the same room felt so peaceful.  Just as we were all settling down to sleep I had to get up and vomit.  Not long after I got to the bathroom my sweet Little Princess came in and put her arm around my shoulder and whispered, "It's okay Mom, it's okay." 

I'm so grateful for the comfort that loved ones can be when we are feeling down.  Having their arms around us remind us that we aren't alone and that they are there to help us through.  And listening to them breath as they sleep brings me such a sense of peace and gratitude for my family.  Though we have our moments of contention, when one of us needs help, we are there for each other.

Through sickness and health.

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