Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let There be Light

As much as I wish this post were about some deep found enlightenment that I could share with you and all our lives are going to be better because of this deeply amazing insightit’s not.  But, it is about the simplest of things.  Light.
Seven months ago Doc and I were burning up.  It was summer, and we didn’t have a fan in our room.  About the middle of the night both of us kicked off the covers and grumbled about how stinking hot we were.  So after one especially warm night, we decided that there was no way we were going to survive the rest of the summer without a ceiling fan.

Now, Doc has installed many ceiling fans, so putting one in our room didn’t seem like it was going to be a big deal.  We were wrong. 

The ceiling fan was set up totally differently than any other that he had dealt with before, so just putting it together was complicated.  I stood on the bed as he rigged parts together, and connected the wires.  Then he put it all back together and flipped the switch. 

We both smiled in satisfaction as the blades started turning and felt the breeze on our faces.  Then we pulled the chain for the light. …

 Then we pulled the chain for the light. 

And we pulled it again,

and again

and again

come on! 

No light!  After working on that stinking fan for 2 hours we were both fed up and so irritated that the light wasn’t working. 

After some inspection we realized that the idiot who put in the original light mismarked the wires.  Doc was in no mood to try to rewire it. 

We decided that we would wait until the next weekend to mess with it again. 

Somehow “Next weekend” never came.

I have a little reading lamp clipped to the headboard of my bed, and that little light was what we’ve been using as a bedroom light while waiting for “next weekend” to come around.

Can I just say that only having a little bit of light is enough to drive you crazy after a while?!  But… what do you do? 

Make it do, or do without” right?

But not anymore!  Today my sweet hubby decided that he was going to tackle the irritating lighting situation in the room.  As I walked into the room and flipped the switch I was greeted by a beautifully blinding blast of overhead lighting.  I jumped up and down, and hugged my man.

That’s the best darn anniversary present I could ask for.  The gift of light.  And as I flipped the switch on and off over and over again my heart danced with each burst of beautiful light.

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