Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stepping out on Stage

His little eyes were so full of excitement as we loaded the family into the van. 

I doubled checked to make sure I had my camera. 

Oz fidgeted with nervous excitement in the backseat, singing quietly, reviewing the words to one of the songs.

Snow was falling softly as Doc dropped Oz and I off at the front of the high school and he drove off to find a parking spot.

I took Oz’s awaiting hand, and together we walked into the building to find the classroom where the other children were gathering.

After I dropped him off with his teacher I headed back to the auditorium where I found Doc, Droid and my Little Princess just entering the building, with sprinkles of snow clinging to their hair.

Perfect timing.

Doc took my hand and together we entered the all ready packed auditorium.  We found a few seats not too far from the back of the room, and sat down.

Tonight was little Oz’s first Winter Program.  He was so excited for it… and nervous.  He was chosen to be one of the streamer wavers and this, he told me, was only given to children who were extra good in class.  He was very proud to have been chosen to be one of them.  So was I.

The play was so adorable.  I was so impressed with how well all the children knew their lines, and their cues.  It was obvious that they all had worked very hard for this program.

Of course my favorite part was watching my little boy take his place at center stage with the other “good children” … with his pants pulled up too high... and stand very professionally, straight faced, and focused and waited for his cue.

He was great! 

Doc and I both laughed to see our most hyper child so serious in his commission to wave his streamer.  But he nailed his moves and kept his most serious face on throughout his performance with the streamer.  When it was done, he marched off stage as if a soldier who just completed a very serious mission… of waving a streamer.  It was both hilarious and endearing.

On the drive back home Oz asked how he did.  “Did I do great, okay, or not very good?”
He worried.

You did so great!”  I said. 

Perfect!  Said Doc.

Awesome.”  Droid reassured.

We came home and watched the video I took.  We all laughed again.  It was  adorable.  Oz beamed.  It was his first time ever on a stage, and he loved hearing all the applause. 
 Especially from his family.

FYI:  I tried to upload the video of him waving his streamer, but blogger wont let me do it for some reason.  

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